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Founded in 1984, the Society of Canadian Colposcopists comprises of over 200 members, including gynecologists, gynecologic-oncologists and family physicians.

SCC Mission Statement

To advocate and promote the highest quality of care in the prevention, education and research, detection and treatment of benign and premalignant abnormalities of the lower genital tract.

SCC Vision

All women in Canada should have equitable access to comprehensive programs for the prevention of lower genital tract malignancy.

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The Society of Canadian Colposcopists acknowledges and thanks the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada for its continued support of the Society for Secretariat Services and other support essential to our success.


Every year, almost 400,000 Canadian women receive a call that their Pap test result is abnormal. In many cases, the call is made by a nurse or medical receptionist who cannot discuss the results or implications over the phone. Often women are not given any information about what that means and are left feeling nervous or unsure about what happens next.

This website has been developed to provide women with information about Pap testing and what it means to have abnormal test results. All of the information contained in this website has been reviewed by physicians.

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